Turn Key Honey Processing Skid 150KG/ph (300 kg/ph max)


To process extracted honey this skid allows you to heat treat, removing moulds and yeasts , and to melt down crystals. This assists with creating a consistent product prior to creaming or liquid final product including fine filtering to desired micron site. Provides flash heating and cooling with very minimal HMF raise to product.

Designed and built by our team to process very high grade manuka and high value honey with very minimal hold up volume in mind.


  • 300kg tip tank with heating water jacket and perforated filter basket
  • 1.5’’ auger fed pump with crystal crusher and pressure switch
  • CrystechNZ small scale thermalisation plant with bag filter and pre and post static filters
  • Manual temperature and pressure gauges
  • Commercial hot water system (32-amp 3 phase required) (adjustable for product temps between 50-72 degrees)
  • Centralised stainless steel control box with honey pump, hot water circ pump control and adjustable - thermostat control.
  • Stainless steel sanitary welded product pipe work
  • Drain valves at lowest points
  • CIP plug in points (CIP pump separate)
  • All mounted on small footprint mobile skid frame with castor wheels
  • Approximate product hold up volume 7kg (this is recovered via drain points)
  • NZ built to New Zealand food grade standards
  • 32-amp 3 phase plug required.

(Inlet temp of 35-40 recommended. Preheating can be achieved in tip tank with re circ)

(Outlet temp approx. 35-40’. Further cooling to be done in creaming tank/inline cooling)

(This unit can be scaled up to suit larger throughput upon request)

SKU: 10000-19-1

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