Our mission is to help you take your product from the hive to the shelf with the highest quality honey extraction and processing equipment.

Mat Still


Mat Still - Director
Jamie Grainger


Jamie Grainger - Manager
Sean Cresswell

CAD Designer

Sean Cresswell - CAD Designer

Over 20 years of manufacturing experience

CrystechNZ was created in 2013 from a need in the honey industry for high quality honey processing and extraction equipment.

CrystechNZ came about from a desire of Bruce Lowe to become a beekeeper over 12 years ago. At the time Bruce was a director at The Stainless Factory, now NZ Manufacturing, a sister company to CrystechNZ.  

The Stainless Factory had worked hard to become a trusted name in the manufacturing of plant for the dairy and food processing industry with our specialised stainless steel food grade engineering. Therefore moving into the design and manufacture of beekeeping plant wasn’t a large leap.  

We started small with a few key pieces of plant, testing different ideas, and have grown from strength to strength. The initial focus of CrystechNZ was on developing, what is now acknowledged as, the best creaming tanks available, specifically for honey. 

Since our inception we have focused on simplifying and streamlining the tipping, filtering and cooling processes. This saw a shift from the plant being ‘built’ on site to becoming a ‘factory built’, modular and skid mounted unit assembled in a controlled environment. This allows a complete plant to be shipped anywhere within New Zealand, and globally, with minimum site installation required.

CrystechNZ was formally created in 2013 and we have worked with some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest honey companies, from upgrades and supplying individual parts and equipment to full turn key fit outs and maintenance services.  

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product, from extraction to packaging, so that our customers can in turn do the same.   

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