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​From manufacturing through to ongoing maintenance, we provide the products and services needed to support you from the bee hive and extraction procedure to processing and packaging your honey.​

Turnkey Solutions from CrystechNZ

Customised to your needs we enable you to take your product from the hive to the shelf – extraction, processing and packaging.

We work with our clients to provide a complete turnkey solution. 

This includes building design, machinery design, machinery manufacture, delivery and installation. Machinery is pre-fitted in our factory so that it can be delivered and installed in the same day.

Once you are up and running we provide both on-site and off-site technical support with ongoing maintenance contracts and support available.

Turn Key Honey Extraction Skid

Small and compact design with 1 person operation. 


  • Semi auto pricker with laser start actuation
  • 24 honey frame rack Mounted over sump
  • Honey sump
  • 24 frame extractor
  • Honey centrifuge
  • 2 x honey pumps (sump and drum off)
  • 2.2T blending tank with paddle agitator and variable speed drive
  • 4 drum pallet scales with auto fill pump control
  • Flexi hose with drum off valve

All stainless steel sanitary welded pipe work with drain valves at lowest points.
All mounted on compact stainless steel skid. (apart from scales and semi auto pricker.
Turn key plug in and extract.
Approximate throughput of 80-120 boxes a day.

Extraction Skid is able to fit into container for freight overseas if required.

What our customers say

Crystech is an outstanding company. They delivered a fantastic product on time and are a good team to work with. I would recommend them to any company or person that wants the X factor – a company that goes the extra mile.

I was very happy with the whole process, from design to install, and they are always available for after sales service and questions.

It’s good to have a professional large Kiwi company to support our growing industry. With their innovative ideas and products they will sort any problem that may arise.

Michael Lumsden 
Director, Coast to Coast Bees Limited

Lease Options

​There are a wide range of investment options to consider - and ultimately a plant can be built to suit any budget.

Key variables to influence the project budget are volume per hour, crystallization time in the tanks, the pre heating of drums before the process and the level of automation required.

Crystech is available to discuss pricing options with you, and subject to credit approval, we can offer operating leases on our standard equipment.  A range of options can be tailored to your requirements via bundling the cost into simple monthly lease payments.

Ex stock available for purchase or lease

2800kg crystaliser tank

Complete Process and Packing Plant

We have a complete honey processing and packing plant solution available for lease including tip tank, thermoskid/ fine filtration, creaming tanks 1T, creaming tank 2.8T, honey pumps, drum lifters/tippers, CIP pump, semi auto cap tightener with rejection table, rotary unscrambling tables (infeed and outfeed), jar conveyor line, twin head hunter filler filling system, enercon super seal induction sealer, apex labeler


​At CrystechNZ we offer ongoing maintenance for your CrystechNZ processing and extraction plant.

When you purchase extraction or processing plant with CrystechNZ, we are committed to ensuring you receive ongoing maintenance to keep your plant in tip top shape, extending its lifetime and ensuring the ongoing production of high quality honey. Our team are also able to offer maintenance packages for most other brands of plant. 

If you have not had any servicing done on your plant in the last 2-3 years please contact our team to review your maintenance requirements. We will put together a tailored plan to suit your requirements. 

What our customers say

We found the Crystech team to have a very professional approach and after receiving our brief they were very proactive in assisting with the final design and their pricing was very fair.  The entire plant was supply and fit out - completed on time and on budget.

Our plant was relatively complex…and performed to spec from the first time it was turned on, one couldn’t expect much more. "

Duncan Storrier
Midlands Apiaries Ltd

Free Consultation

Thinking about a future project?

Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss the best way to reach your desired outcomes. We work with clients across New Zealand and travel regularly, we might be coming to a town near you and can book a site visit.


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