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At CrystechNZ our mission is to help you take your product from the hive to the shelf with the highest quality honey extraction and processing equipment.

Proudly NZ designed and manufactured.
Proudly NZ designed and manufactured.

We've developed our range of plant and equipment based on customer feedback and needs.

How we can help you

We can provide individual pieces of equipment or a complete turnkey solution fit for your business needs, meeting NZ Food Grade Standards. 

Our team are able to work alongside you much or little as you need. This can include scoping your requirements, manufacturing the right plant and equipment, undertaking the installation so you’re all set to go. We then provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your plant remains in tip top shape, extending its lifetime and ensuring the ongoing production of high-quality honey.

What clients say...

King Island Pure approached Crystech in NZ following an extensive review of equipment suppliers globally for our honey operation in Tasmania and Sydney. The extraction equipment supplied is fit for purpose and the interaction between Jaimie Grainger and his account staff has been excellent. From the initial order and stage payments, Jaimie kept us fully informed on the progress of manufacture and arranged seamless delivery to Melbourne despite the supply chain logistics with COVID in 2021.

The equipment worked well, despite the inability for onsite training due to travel restrictions at the time.

In Sydney we installed the Crystech honey processing line, which once again was delivered into Sydney without issue. This time Jaimie Grainger was on hand for the 2 day installation process which was very informative and left me, the operator, with the confidence to operate on my own.

In addition when questions arose, Jaimie was always just a phone call away. After this first season using both extraction and processing equipment from Crystech, I would certainly recommend Jaimie Grainger and the Crystech team and their equipment to any honey producer.

Should any future customer wish to discuss my experience with Crystech, I would be happy to field a call.

Rod Skellet, Founder & Managing Director King Island Pure Pty Ltd.

Crystech Honey Dehydrator

Our moisture reducer removes water from honey continuously during extraction or in batch’s once it has been blended – and even after is has fermented.

So far, after testing in excess of 100 drums, we are achieving a reduction in moisture levels between 2.5% to 4% in a single pass!

Honey Extraction in Action

Check out our extraction equipment processing 40 boxes per hour, with just two operators.

The GForce Centrifuge

Check out the honey before and after going through the GForce Centrifuge. All of the wax is left behind, and quicker than ever!

Free Consultation

Thinking about a future project?

Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss the best way to reach your desired outcomes. We work with clients across New Zealand and travel regularly, we might be coming to a town near you and can book a site visit.


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