Turn Key Mobile Creaming Tank Skid


Allows you to cream and blend processed honey to desired texture.


  • 300KG creaming tank with cooling water jacket and dual flow spiral agitator.
  • Mini chilled water system with adjustable thermostat control (to supply chilled water to creaming tank jacket)
  • 1.5’’ finished product pump to pump creamed product from tank to filling unit
  • Stainless steel control box with chiller, honey pump and Creaming tank control.

Creaming tank has continuous blend and adjustable Cream timing modes.

  • All mounted on stainless steel skid frame with stainless steel castors
  • Stainless steel sanitary welded product pipe work
  • NZ built to New Zealand food grade standards
  • (15 amp single phase plug required)
  • (Larger turn key creaming tanks skids are available upon request)
SKU: 10000-19

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