Turn Key Honey Extraction Skid


Small and compact design with 1 person operation. 


  • Semi auto pricker with laser start actuation
  • 24 honey frame rack Mounted over sump
  • Honey sump
  • 24 frame extractor
  • Honey centrifuge
  • 2 x honey pumps (sump and drum off)
  • 2.2T blending tank with paddle agitator and variable speed drive
  • 4 drum pallet scales with auto fill pump control
  • Flexi hose with drum off valve

All stainless steel sanitary welded pipe work with drain valves at lowest points.
All mounted on compact stainless steel skid. (apart from scales and semi auto pricker.
Turn key plug in and extract.
Approximate throughput of 100+ boxes a day.

Extraction Skid is able to fit into container for freight overseas if required. 

SKU: 10000

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