CrystechNZ honey extractor


High quality honey extractor, spins honey from the honey comb on the frames once cut or pricked. Lids open automatically and 2 mode switch. Constructed from stainless steel. 100mm high x 1520mm diameter. Compressed air required. 

Product options:

  • 2-203-01-01-18 - 18 frames, 9x2 frame baskets, 15-amp single phase plug
  • 2-203-01-01-24 - 24 frames, 8x3 frame baskets, 15-amp single phase plug
  • 2-203-01-01-027 - 27 frames, 9x3 frame basekets, 20-amp three phase plug

Upgrade options:

  • 2-203-01-01-02 - 3 mode switch, 3 pre-set spin mode switch options
  • 2-203-01-01-03 - base cone heat jacket, welded dimple pad on the base of the extractor (excludes heat source)
  • 2-203-01-01-04 - touch screen PLC control, programmable mode options
  • 2-203-01-01-05 - heat gun port, welded fitting into the extractor bridge to hold heat gun

SKU: 2-203-01-01 TAG: Honey Extraction Plant

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