Crystech Honey Extractor

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High Quality 24 Frame honey extractor, for removal of honey from the comb on the frames once cut or pricked.


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-T304 Stainless Steel construction

-NZ Manufactured

-3 Frame Baskets

-24 Frame capacity

-SEW Eurodrive Motor Gearbox

-Stainless Steel Electrical Cabinet

-Dual mode program to allow for Extraction of harder honeys

-High Quality Electrical fittings and Electrical fit-out

-Clear - Automatic opening Lids

-3” RJT Male out-let

Optional Extras:

-Heating jacket on Base to allow faster extraction and bigger yields

-Heating Jacket on sides to allow faster extraction and bigger yields

-PLC touch screen for on demand programming

-Electric ram lid lifer so compressed air is not require


-Wax centrifuge


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